Not just for ‘sports people’. This is basically a ‘proper’ massage, working into the muscles, finding areas of tightness and pain, and working to soften and help the tissue to heal. It may also include some assessment, and very often some homework for you to maintain your well-being at home. This would be stretches and/or exercises using Rehab my Patient software with images and videos.

Good for people that –

  • sit all day;
  • are in training for an event;
  • regular runners or other sports (if the pros do it why don’t you?);
  • don’t get enough time to themselves and need to chill out and de-stress;
  • people who want to look after themselves.

    I see folk from 18-80 (in fact one person of 90), and they all get a bespoke treatment to suit them, and their body’s issues on the day.

  • Great for all sorts of issues –
  • sciatica type pain,
  • stiff shoulders
  • sore necks (including injuries like whiplash)
  • sore backs
  • tired, sore legs
  • conditions e.g. frozen shoulder, RSI, headaches, fibromyalgia
  • stress

Remedial/Sports Massage:

A deep tissue treatment. This will involve various techniques including trigger point therapy, passive and active stretching and also advice on stretches and exercises to aid your recovery and well being. It doesn’t need to hurt! It is all about sinking through the muscles, not forcing our way in. The body heals better when we work together.

Myofasical Massage:

(MFR) works on the fascial tissue which surrounds the muscles. This tissue is often involved in long term restrictions, such as RSI or old injuries. Unlike a traditional massage, no oil or wax is used in MFR. This treatment can be used alone, but I will usually combine it with the remedial techniques as well.