Please see the list of treatments I provide below.
However, as I combine all my various therapy knowledge and skills into an integrated, individual treatment at each session, the ‘type’ of massage you book in for is not that important. When it comes to bodywork it is not really about the ‘type’ of massage but the skills of the therapist, whether they can ‘listen’ to your body through palpation skills and knowledge of anatomy, working with your muscles instead of entering into some sort of battle of submission. Believe it or not, you don’t have to feel high levels of pain in order for it to be ‘working’!  The therapist should also be able to inform and educate you about why you feel what you do, and what they are doing to help you, including stretches and exercises geared towards your specific needs.

So, while the different modalities are listed for information, when you come for a treatment with me, whether for help with an injury, pain relief, a restful relaxation or a specialist pregnancy session, you get the treatment you need on that day.

On your first appointment you will fill in a consultation form which allows me to develop a holistic approach and a plan of treatments in order to restore function and reduce pain.
I regularly treat – RSI in all its forms (Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, and all the ‘new’ ones such as Texters thumb and iPad shoulder), general back pain and stiffness, headaches, sports injuries, and pregnancy related aches and pains.

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Remedial Massage:

– is a deep tissue treatment. This will involve various techniques including trigger point therapy, passive and active stretching and also advice on stretches and exercises to aid your recovery and well being.

A remedial session will usually include – Myofasical Release

(MFR) works on the fascial tissue which surrounds the muscles. This tissue is often involved in long term restrictions, such as RSI or old injuries. Unlike a traditional massage, no oil or wax is used in MFR. This treatment can be used alone, but I will usually combine it with the remedial techniques as well.

A session might also include some ‘Therapeutic”or “Swedish” massage. This is a more general type of treatment, usually used more for relaxation rather than for dealing with injuries etc.
I am also trained in Indian Head Massage and ‘Hands free’ massage which are also incorporated into treatments

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Pregnancy Massage:

– this is a specialist training in order to work with women throughout their pregnancy. In many cultures massage is seen as an integral part of care for a pregnant and post-natal woman. Massage can ease aches and pains, heavy legs and aid with sleeping. You are on your side during the session, and I use a special ‘Body Cushion’ system to make sure you are very comfy and relaxed. Many women have wanted to take my cushions home as they say they haven’t felt so comfortable in months. Read more –

Newborn babyPost-Natal Massage:

– It is important that you take care of yourself as well as your baby in the months following childbirth. There is often an expectation of being ‘back to normal’ as soon as possible these days, but you have gone through a huge experience which took 9 months so why should you be expected to pick up where you left off within a few weeks? Post natal treatments can help to ease muscle strains from the birth and help with the emotional adjustment of having a new baby. For more information…



– is a form of energy work, which works to bring about physical and emotional balance. There is no need to remove any clothing as the practitioner simply places their hands gently, in non-intrusive positions, around the body. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms. It can also be combined with massage to give a very relaxing, balancing session.