Stop Headaches Before They Start

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Stop headaches before they start I see so many people with headaches. Sometimes these are due to tension, others are due to posture, and of course some are due to eye strain. Some are due to actual migraines.  Luckily there are some things you can do to reduce or stop the likelihood of getting a headache. Let’s look at some – Avoid triggers If certain foods or scents have triggered headaches in the past, it could be time to make a note of them and avoid them at all costs. Things like caffeine, cigarette smoke, and bright lights can be a big culprit in spurring on pain, but it doesn’t have to be that obvious. Perfumes, loud noises, flowers, and even lunch meat have the power to make you miserable.   Workout often Exercising on a regular basis reduces tension and can help prevent headaches. Choose something you enjoy doing – walking, biking, kayaking, hiking, etc. – and follow the proper guidelines for the exercise you’re engaging in. That means stretching and warming up slowly. And don’t forget proper hydration.   Bonus: It is also said that obesity can be a factor in triggering migraines, so exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight or lose excess pounds.   Eat and sleep regularly Lack of sleep and skipping meals can aggravate symptoms for the migraine sufferer. Make sure you are getting enough fluids and are eating meals at regular times. Lack of sleep (or even getting too much sleep) will … Read More

Why You Don’t Need to Diet

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4 Reasons Why the Last Thing You Need is a Diet I'm not a nutritionist, but diet and eating healthily is all part of well-being, and something I have taken an interest in for myself. January is the time for endless New Year’s resolutions and pacts with oneself to improve this or change that. Businesses in the health and wellness industry experience a spike in sales as people attempt to change themselves “for the better.” You know, the gym membership that only get used for a month, the 'giving up on...whatever is bad'.  Let’s face it, diets are a big portion of those sales. I've seen several articles lately on both the latest diet ideas, and also, more interestingly, why the last thing you need is a diet. This is a summary of the main points they generally make -  Changing your menu… often temporarily More often than not a diet is a change in your menu and if you’ve ever attempted to change your eating habits you know it can be downright hard. If you’re not prepared or totally ready for the change, the upkeep of a diet can be too much and eventually you’ll fall off the wagon. Not all diets are created equal In fact, some diets are dangerous. Trends in the media would leave you to believe that what they are promoting is healthy and good for you, but if you read the fine (often barely seen) fine print in these ads you’ll find a disclaimer. ... Read More

Holiday Stress – ways to help you relax

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As much as we enjoy the warmer weather of our all too brief Scottish summer, there can be a bit of a dark cloud hanging in the sky. That is the dark cloud of stress and tension as the kids are off school, holidays and activities need planned, and it is easy to become a bit frazzled. And that's before we watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon!   Meditation Meditation does not have to be about pretzeled legs, chanting, and reaching enlightenment. It can simply be about creating a moment of stillness in your mind as a way to become more relaxed. Just one minute, 60 seconds of meditation, can dramatically improve your mood, your productivity and the quality of your day.   Exercise It can be tough to make time for exercise when the schedule gets tight and tensions get high. But that's when it becomes even more important. Exercise can relieve the physical symptoms of stress like fatigue, pain, and moodiness. If you can't make time for daily workout, try to fit a 5-10 minute walk outside into some part of your day. A little goes a long way when you need it.   Giggle and hum Both laughter and music can lower the blood pressure. In fact, this study in 2011 showed that 3 months of laughter or music therapy resulted in the same drop in blood pressure that could be achieved with a low-salt diet, losing 10 pounds, or taking a blood-pressure-lowering medication. So cue up the ... Read More

Edinburgh Location Change

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Important Update For Edinburgh Clients! Knotstressed is moving to a lovely new clinic in Montrose Terrace. See here for details. So from Wednesday 1st July all Edinburgh appointments will be at the new venue. There will also be a slight change to time as I will no longer have a 2:30pm appointment, but will have a 7:30pm one instead.  

3 Things Massage Can Help You With Right Now

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We know massage will make us move better and feel happier, but not everyone can make time for regular appointments. Luckily massage is great preventive care and it can have some instantly-gratifying results. Check out these 3 things massage can help you with right now.   Headaches   Tension headaches (often called stress headaches) are the most common type of headaches among adults. Pain or pressure in your forehead or on the top or sides of your head? Could be a tension headache. It’s especially likely if you’ve been hunching over a desk or your iPad/phone, been on a long drive, or if you’re still shivering and huddling to keep warm as spring slowly creeps in. Massage can help get rid of that headache and regular massage may well keep it from coming back. (If you want to check out more information about tension headaches and try a few self-massage techniques, check out this article.)   Low Back Pain A major research study was published in 2011 showing that massage therapy was better than drugs and usual care for general lower back pain. Better than drugs. Worth repeating! Just about everyone will experience low back pain at some point in their life. If it happens to you, don’t suffer. Get in touch to book a massage, and get back into action.     Irritability Have you ever been so cranky you got on your own nerves? Yeah, me, too. It isn’t fun. When you feel yourself biting everyone’s head off … Read More

Getting Back To Fitness

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This last year was a tough one, I was laid  low with health issues and an injured shoulder. I was off work and I couldn’t play my guitar or maintain my usual fitness levels. I was forced to take it easy, read and watch films, and let myself rest and sleep. Not easy for someone who is usually on the go. In fact the being ‘on the go’ was partly the cause of my problems, I was too keen to get back to work after my wee septum op and rushing about doing 3 things at once when I had the accident. Lesson learned – take your  time and listen to your body! Anyway, I am now getting back to normal and have a strict strength and fitness regime from my physio in order to get my shoulder fully repaired. One of the things I have missed doing is running, but it is hard to get back out there when the weather is cold, with icy winds and sleet….which is what we were still having a week or two ago. When you are a seasoned runner or biker, the weather doesn’t stop you so much. After all it’s a matter of wearing the right clothes and getting out there. Once you get going it’s usually not as bad as it appears from the warm house. (Honest!)   But if you are new or returning to it, then the weather does put you off. Especially if you are returning from an … Read More

I’m Back!

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      A quick update about my return to clinics after my accident last year.   I am now back at Synergy on Tuesdays – 3-7:30pm and Knotstressed on Wednesdays 2:30pm- 7:30pm. Please see the Edinburgh or Glenrothes pages for full details.   Please also note that I am NOT at KNotstressed on Fridays anymore, BUT, I am going to be at Synergy on Mondays from April 2-5pm.   Sign up to the newsletter to be in the know about upcoming special offers to celebrate my return, and also about some packages I plan to introduce, only for newsletter subscribers.          

How Our Pets Can Teach Us To Be Healthy

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  My dog Molly turned 12 last week, which according to the ‘Dog Breed Age Calculator’ makes her 75 in human years. Of course she doesn’t know what age she is, so whilst in many ways she has slowed down and is a fairly laid back old lady dog, at other times, she can act like the silly puppy she once was. She may not go mad at leaves blowing across the park but she still ‘plays with’ the vacuum cleaner when we use it. For a while we had been treating her as an old dog, and thinking that she had really slowed down. Then when we went on holiday she seemed rejuvenated by the new places and experiences, so we realized that actually what she needs is more stimulation, not less. So we are making sure she gets her walks and we try go to different places so she gets some new ‘sniffs’. We’ve also restarted some of the hide n seek  games we played with her in earlier days when we had to find ways to tire her out mentally, even after a 2-3 hour walk. Border Collies are brilliant dogs, but not for those who want an easy or lazy life! We have all heard things like having a pet reduces blood pressure, and that they keep us healthier by needing exercised and so on, but recently I came across an article that talked about the things pets can teach us about health in terms of … Read More