Run Every Day – How to Challenge Yourself This October

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Run Every Day – Challenge Accepted? Month challenges are a real thing these days, aren’t they? Veganuary, Stoptober, Movember, NaNoWriMo, Run Every Day….seems whether you want to stop something, start something or do more/less of something, there is a challenge for you to sign up to. Hashtags, selfies, social media likes, kudos and shares. I’ve taken part in writing challenges before, it’s how I wrote a good chunk of my novel’s first draft, but never a fitness one. I always felt that I wouldn’t stick to it. Basically it sounded like hard work! But, here I am all signed up for Ronhill’s October RunEveryDay challenge. Apparently, Ron Hill has run every day for over 50 years. He’s 80! So, surely I can do it for a month. I broke two toes earlier in the summer in a wee incident involving me and my bike against a stupidly steep and gravelly slope. So I haven’t been running and it has made me feel sluggish and fed up. I’ve missed going to my running group and building on my 10k achievement in June. However, I wasn’t sure how to go about running every day. Is there a special way to approach it? What if the weather is really really bad.? I don’t have access to a treadmill. I usually run 2-3 times a week plus group session on a Sunday, but this past year or two has been a bit stop/start. There is always the worry of injury as well. Maybe my body … Read More

Plantar Fasciitis – What is it, and How to Treat it It

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What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition affecting the feet. It is due to inflammation of the ‘fascia’ which is the band of tissue that runs along the sole of your feet. (The Myofascial Release treatment I do (MFR) works specifically on this fascia which is found throughout the body). It usually begins with severe pain in the heels, (usually people describe this as ‘stabbing’ or ‘sharp and throbbing’). Over time this can spread to the whole foot. How do you know if you have Plantar Fasciitis? It is worse in the mornings, people often struggle to walk when they first get up. Feet and ankles will be very stiff The pain is specifically in the heel (often just along from it) and extends along the foot. It generally eases with gentle movement but will worsen with too much standing or walking. There are other problems that can cause pains in the feet so if your pain is constant, or in a different part of the foot it probably isn’t PF and will need a different treatment. Plantar Fasciitis is very common, especially in the 40-60 age group, and also in runners or people who stand a lot. I am in several running groups on Facebook and it comes up a lot in conversations. As with a lot of things on social media, there are many different ‘helpful’ suggestions bandied about, but what the non-professional often misses is that the main source of the problem is … Read More

You Can Have A Massage When You Are Pregnant – Busting the Myths

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Having a Massage During Pregnancy There are lots of myths around massage. I hear them all the time, sometimes people ask a question, other times they state it as fact. One of the main things I hear is that ‘you can’t have a massage in pregnancy’, or ‘ you can only have a seated massage’ or ‘it’s a risk to the baby’, or it will bring on a miscarriage if its before 12 weeks. I have a Diploma in Pregnancy massage. It took 6 months, involved 5 days intense practical training, a practical exam (with a real live pregnant woman), and then 6 case studies and a project.  Not every therapist that does pregnancy work has such a diploma, many have a 1-2 day workshop, and some don’t have any proper qualification at all. I have had ladies come to me for pregnancy work that have told me some horror stories of previous experiences with obviously under/unqualified therapists. One had been asked to lie on her tummy at 26 weeks, one had been made to sit up the whole time despite her large bump meaning that she couldn’t rest her head on the support. Others had felt it was too light and had felt that the therapist was terrified of doing something wrong which hadn’t made the woman feel very relaxed! Other people had only been ‘allowed’ to have their head and neck massaged, when their aches were all in the lower back. I could go on! So let’s look … Read More

How to Avoid Back Pain at a Desk Job

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How to Avoid Back Pain at a Desk Job In my clinic I see people from all walks of life, sports people, doctors, teachers, call centre workers, retirees but almost all of the work I do is massage for back pain. Apart from specific injuries/accidents, the one thing they all have in common is back, shoulder, neck or arm issues that are related to sitting too much, and the set up of the desk while they are there. Even people like myself who’s jobs would appear to be nowhere near a desk, can still spend a fair amount of time at a computer. Unfortunately most jobs these days involve sitting a lot. For hours at a time. With a mouse to one side, a keyboard in front of you and a chair that is the same as every one else’s in the office, because everyone’s back and body is the same aren’t they? Hmmm, no, everyone’s bodies are different, and in an ideal world we would all have unique set ups for desks, plus there would be obligatory ‘get up and move around’ sessions (dance breaks I think they are called) every 30 minutes. I used to work in an open plan office of about 300 people, the idea of them all getting up and doing stretches every 30 minutes, while amusing, is never going to happen. So what can you do to help yourself, and avoid the aches and pains that seem to be a part of modern life? … Read More

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Massage

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Massage   The majority of adults don’t have regular massage or other complementary therapies. In America only 32% of adult had a massage in the past 5 years and even fewer get massage regularly. So it’s not surprising that most people don’t know much about massage. So, here are some fun facts to build your knowledge: 1) Massage can help you sleep better. (Even if you don’t nap during the actual massage.) 2) When your back hurts, that might not be the only area that needs massage. Sometimes back pain comes from the hip, legs or even the abdomen. 3) Likewise, sometimes hand and arm pain is caused by dysfunction in the neck and shoulder. The body is so crazy and weird and fascinating! 4) You can stop a massage session at any time. You have not given up control of your body. At any time during a massage you can say “no”, “stop”, or even “can you just work on my neck for the rest of the time and skip everything else?” If you are uncomfortable, cold, or if you just feel like you have to pee, sneeze or cough. You can take a pee break at anytime! 5) Massage can help your mood. It’s been shown to be helpful in treating both anxiety and depression. 6) Even small therapists can provide deeeeep pressure. It’s not about size, it’s about the techniques we use! Although if you are a massive rugby player type … Read More

How You Can Improve Your Health with Breath

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Improve your health with breath Breath. Such a simple thing. It’s essential to life, but yet how often do we think about it? It ebbs and flows throughout our days and we barely give it a second thought. In this post I’m going to look at some ways our breath improves our health – including some techniques you can utilize today.   Deep breathing can reduce anxiety Implementing a deep breathing technique when anxiety strikes can make the difference between a full on attack and an unwelcome blip in your day. Deep breathing lowers your heart rate, improves circulation and promotes clearer thinking.   You can use your breath to calm down Let’s face it, when tempers flair it seems almost impossible to think about anything other than the current situation that set you off. Practicing simple breathing techniques can encourage calmness and help reverse the physical symptoms of anger.   TECHNIQUE for Anxiety and Calm Isolate yourself from everyone for 15 minutes Inhale slowly for the count of 4 Exhale slowly for the count of 8 Notice the space in between the inhalation and exhalation Repeat until you begin to calm down   Take breathing even deeper with pranayama Pranayama is the practice of using the breath to soothe an active mind. If practiced right, pranayama can bring harmony between mind, body and spirit. It boosts your ability to be mentally and spiritually strong. There are very specific breathwork techniques that are outside the scope of this article, but … Read More

The Reboot for your Mind and Body

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Obligations, deadlines, appointments, meetings, work, housework, sports, everything. More often than not, it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week for all that needs to be done. We’re on constant high alert. We’re always moving.

5 Ways Music Improves Our Health

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It’s World Music day this week (21st June), and since music is a huge part of my life, I thought I’d look at some ways it can improve our health. People use music in all sorts of ways – to focus during study or work and to distract from pain or stress such as when giving birth, in dentists, or having scans such as MRIs. We also use it for leisure whether for relaxing or to boost our performance. I know if my final running track is too soft, then I will struggle up the final hill of my usual route. I make sure I have something with a bit of ‘ooomph’ to give my legs the energy! (Thank you Foo Fighters!) There has been a lot of research into the ways in which music affects the brain, our moods and our wellbeing. Researchers have shown that listening to music not only gives us a hit of dopamine (the reward and pleasure hormone), it also gives us a total ‘brain workout’ as it lights up every area. So, it is not only pleasurable, but good for us too, keeping the brain functioning. So the top 5 ways Music can improve our health are – 1. Reduce stress and anxiety – Music can soothe us if we feel anxious. It can calm us if we feel angry. We can relax and go ‘somewhere else’ in our heads as we listen to it. As children we might have been sung to as … Read More