Q. “How long does the treatment take?”

A. First treatment lasts 1-1.25 hour, which includes an initial consultation, assessment and massage. Subsequent appointments are between 60 minutes up to 2 hours. Most people prefer the hour but longer can be great for a total relaxation. Also bear in mind that the session time INCLUDES time for a chat and you getting undressed/dressed, ‘couch time’ is usually 45-50 minutes.


Q. “Do I have to undress?”

A. Yes, but only the areas needing attention are exposed at any time, the client’s modesty and comfort are my prime consideration. I leave the room for you to get ready before and after the treatment. I will ask you to undress to your under wear ( so please do wear some!). Ladies, it is usually more comfortable for you to take your bra off, but if you prefer to keep it on and I need to access that area of your back, I will undo and redo the clasp.

Men sometimes bring shorts, which is fine, but if you do, please don’t bring knee length ones for a leg massage, boxers or short running type shorts are ideal.

Q. “I don’t do any sport, is massage for me?”

A. Yes! We are all using our bodies every day, whether it’s lifting weight, cycling, running, rugby, carrying a small child, gardening or sitting at a computer. Muscles can get strained through overuse, posture, or simple repetitive actions. Emotional stress also plays a part as it increases tension throughout the body.

Q. I’ve heard massage needs to hurt, is this true?

A. No! The way I was trained was to work WITH the body. Generally speaking, if you are experiencing a lot of pain during the session, then I am having a bit of a fight with your body. Not good for either of us. I aim to ‘sink’ and melt into the tissue, not beat it up. The pain people feel usually feels ‘good’, that it is doing something beneficial. If you want a painful,  deep tissue session, where it’s all about brute force, then I am definitely not for you. I work with finesse, palpation and skill to listen to your body, and help it heal.


Q. ” Why do I need to fill in a consultation before massage treatment?”

A:  A consultation highlights the best treatment for you and alerts me to any areas where care is required or issues I need to know about.  Occasionally it may be necessary to check with your doctor before treatment can commence. Just as with a doctor, everything is totally confidential.


Q. “Where are you based?”

A. Please refer to the Location page where the latest session times and locations are displayed.


Q. “How much does it cost?”

A.  Prices start at £40 for an hour treatment. Prices vary depending on location as well as appointment length and type of treatment.

There are also multi-booking special offers.

Gift vouchers are also available, why not show someone you care!

Q. “What payment types are accepted?”

A. You can pay by cash, bank transfer,  cheque or gift voucher. I can also take cards via my phone and Square card reader. If you want to pay by card, it is helpful if you tell me at the start as I need to make sure my phone and the machine are connected.

If you want to pay by Bank Transfer in advance of your treatment, then just email me to let me know and I’ll send you the details.

Gift vouchers can be purchased from this website using a Paypal account or a Credit Card.

Q. I am pregnant, can I have a massage?

A. Yes you can. With me at any rate as I am specially trained in pregnancy and post natal massage. Please note, not all therapists are! I have a Diploma, which allows me to treat women right through their pregnancy (yes, even under 12 weeks), and into the post-natal period. I use special, memory foam cushions so that you can lie on your side, in a comfortable, supported position, and I use special pregnancy safe wax. My pregnant clients love it!


Q. “How do I book an appointment?”

A. Call 07847 101942 and leave a message, or send me a text, please remember to leave your name. Alternatively send an email.

Q. “I need to cancel an appointment?”

A. Please give as much notice as possible. If cancelling within 24 hours then the full fee will be charged.