As my job is very physical I suffer from aches & pains from time to time in the upper back, shoulders and arms and felt that I needed some regular bodywork myself to relieve the tension build-up. Occasionally I would get tingling down my forearms and fatigue generally in the muscles. I knew that remedial massage worked but wanted to try some myofascial release which Jen is trained in and I felt really comfortable about seeing her as I knew her qualifications were of a high standard. 

OrlaPicJen has a really intuitive and sensitive touch, she instinctively knows the areas which need worked on and is always careful to communicate with me on pressure and pain. Afterwards I feel looser and more able to move freely and despite the fact that it is a remedial or typically deeper massage I feel surprisingly relaxed which pleases me as massage is as much about the mind as the body. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone dealing with stresses of the body or mind. 

Orla Beaton, Remedial Massage Therapist, The Althos Clinic, Perth

I went to Jennifer with neuralgic pain in my face, headaches and tension in my shoulder, the pain was often intense and affecting my sleep. I had previously been treated by her post pregnancy for shoulder and back pain and the treatment successfully resolved the problem and I always found the sessions relaxing and beneficial.  Very soon after the treatments the face pain had gone and there was a significant reduction of pain and tension in my shoulder and neck.

Karen Sutherland,  Business Manager, Edinburgh


I had a splitting headache everyday for several weeks. I went to my GP because I was worried and she said that it was probably due to problems in my shoulders and neck, and that I should have some deep tissue massage. 

After the treatment my headaches stopped and my whole shoulder and neck region felt more comfortable and relaxed.

Jennifer diagnosed early RSI. She suggested exercises that I could do and also that I should stop using a mouse with my computer at work. I now use a different system and this is much better. I was so impressed with Jennifer’s approach and positive effect on this problem that I now have monthly massages with her. These are invaluable in dealing with other problems both chronic and acute.

 Amanda, University professor, Edinburgh

Before I had treatment I had constant pain around my shoulder/neck area and down my arm.  This often made me sluggish with my everyday activities,  just holding a glass of water or putting my jacket on was becoming extremely painful.

I had previous experience with physiotherapists for other injuries and I was reluctant to go down that road as I always felt it was very expensive and never really thought they were hands on enough.  It wasn’t until I researched my pain and realised it was likely to be a RSI that I came across Jennifer.
After a few treatments it was amazing to begin to feel the pain subside. I knew you had found the source of my pain and were working on the correct area as day to day living was beginning to be easier with little no pain.
I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with any RSI pain to see Jennifer.

Catherine W, Flight Attendant.


Stiffness in my neck was causing difficulty in turning and affecting my sleep pattern,. I had tried massages but they were more luxury than a treatment.

After treatment with Jennifer the stiffness abated and the result was improved sleep pattern and increased movement.

I would certainly recommend treatments to friends.

 Sharon Downie, Production worker.

I have an ongoing issue with tension in my neck and shoulders. The muscles can go into spasms causing severe pain and headaches. These symptoms had a detrimental effect on my everyday life, making me tired and irritable being in constant pain.

I have tried several therapists however I found that the treatments were lovely and relaxing but did not get to the root of the problem and were too gentle. I also tried painkillers however this did not help.         The pain eased during the treatment with Jennifer and within a day had gone completely. I would definitely recommend Jennifer as a therapist, and have done so already.

Fiona Wilson, Police Staff


Sore and aching body, pinching nerve in lower back, fatigued all the time, day to day life difficult. I had tried physiotherapy at the hospital but nothing hands on. It assisted a little but body still ached.

After the first few treatments with Jennifer, the main benefit was pain relief, and also, less fatigue, less pain, ability to move around better, also felt more confident about myself which was very unexpected. 

I would recommend Jennifer particularly if you have a long term condition and you are feeling that you can’t do anything to make you feel better.

 Laura, Regional Support Manager


I have been attending remedial massage sessions with Jennifer since last year and cannot recommend her highly enough.  When I first attended I was very stiff could hardly move my neck and was in and out of bed with severe back spasms due to arthritis and prolapsed discs. I was also walking with a delta walker and a stick and trying to look after a disabled husband and surviving on bottles of pain killers so life wasn’t very good.  I now hardly ever use a stick have ditched the delta walker and cut down on the pills. I don’t remember when I was last in bed with my back and the spasms have all but vanished. Jennifer has never hurt me and I have full confidence in anything she does for me and would strongly advise anyone to go and investigate what she can do for you. It can only be to your benefit to try her treatments. Thank you Jennifer for what you have and are still doing for me.

A. Rennie.

“Jennifer is a very sympathetic and efficient therapist. Whether she was getting in deep to relieve knotted muscles, or giving me a more gentle and relaxing massage I always felt I was in safe sure hands”. – Joy

“Very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I have had many treatments for my SI joint problem and the relief I got after the Sports and Remedial massage was far more than I expected (due to the age of the problem)”. – Susan

“I found the leg massages that I had really beneficial. I run quite a lot and find that often stretching alone isn’t enough to get rid of tension in my legs. They felt much more relaxed after the treatments”. – DC

“After sitting in an office all day at a computer there’s nothing better than a mixture of remedial and relaxing massage to relieve the aches and pains. Also the stretching exercises I’ve been prescribed have helped with the tightness in my back”. – BH

If you feel your treatment has been beneficial and would like to share your experience with others, then please feel free to add one via Facebook.