How to Avoid Back Pain at a Desk Job

Jennifer Symedesk stretches

How to Avoid Back Pain at a Desk Job In my clinic I see people from all walks of life, sports people, doctors, teachers, call centre workers, retirees but almost all of the work I do is massage for back pain. Apart from specific injuries/accidents, the one thing they all have in common is back, shoulder, neck or arm issues that are related to sitting too much, and the set up of the desk while they are there. Even people like myself who’s jobs would appear to be nowhere near a desk, can still spend a fair amount of time at a computer. Unfortunately most jobs these days involve sitting a lot. For hours at a time. With a mouse to one side, a keyboard in front of you and a chair that is the same as every one else’s in the office, because everyone’s back and body is the same aren’t they? Hmmm, no, everyone’s bodies are different, and in an ideal world we would all have unique set ups for desks, plus there would be obligatory ‘get up and move around’ sessions (dance breaks I think they are called) every 30 minutes. I used to work in an open plan office of about 300 people, the idea of them all getting up and doing stretches every 30 minutes, while amusing, is never going to happen. So what can you do to help yourself, and avoid the aches and pains that seem to be a part of modern life? … Read More