Achilles Problems – Causes, Symptoms and Recovery

Jennifer Symeachilles, running

Your Achilles Heel I’ve written before about running specific issues, but this time I want to look at one common condition in particular.Achilles problems are one of the most common running related issues I see in the clinic. Of course it isn’t just runners, but due to the impact from running, they are the ones that most often have issues in this area. Generally speaking, most people don’t pay too much attention to their Achilles. It’s just that weird, soft yet bony like structure at the back of their ankle. They know about it from school and Greek Myths, but that’s about it. Until it goes wrong that is. The Achilles, and by extension the calf muscles, have a hugely important role in our movement, especially in running where they can absorb up to 3 times your body weight on landing, and even more than that on the push-off phase of the stride. So, they are doing a big job on every step. Unfortunately, the Achilles is also prone to overuse and injury, especially if there is already an underlying weakness in the area. Tendon injuries are tricky things to deal with as they have a lower blood supply than muscles, so take a longer time to recover and heal. Therefore it is really important to tackle possible problems as early as possible, and try to avoid them recurring. How Do You Know You Have Achilles Issues? The symptoms of Achilles tendinopathy are – Initially, a stiff feeling in the … Read More