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I have an article in the most recent edition of Fife Families magazine, which I did in collaboration with my friend and colleague, Orla Beaton. You can read the article below.

Start as You Mean to Go On –

So here we are – January 2012. How are the ‘new year/new you’ plans going?
If you are like most people they probably only lasted a few days. Statistics suggest that 93% of people who set resolutions did so to improve fitness or lose weight but only 50% stick with it beyond January.
So, why does this happen? Why is it so hard to stick to good habits and so easy to fall back into bad?

One reason people give up new activities is the aches and pains they suffer because their body is unused to the physical effort. Many people start off full of enthusiasm, forget about the boring stuff like stretching or warming up and end up sore or even injured. This can result in those who had set their sights on a specific challenge such as a 10k, not taking part, or not doing as well as they had hoped.

Don’t let that happen to you, take a tip from the pros and look after your body, especially if you are planning on entering an event.
Remedial massage can ease aches or pains after that latest gym session, help maintain your muscles health so as to avoid further pain or injuries and also help you to relax. Serious athletes use it as part of their training regime, why don’t you?

Of course, massage is not just for sports or activities. If you already have a problem such as back/neck issues, RSI or headaches then remedial massage therapists can work on those areas of concern and support your recovery.

Or perhaps your resolutions are more to do with smoking or weight loss? Why not reward yourself for resisting temptation by spending what would have gone to cigarettes or the sweetie machine, on a relaxing massage treatment.

This year, why not try for long-term goals that last, rather than short-term resolutions that are vapourising before the bells have stopped ringing on Hogmonay.
All massage is not the same, try a professional, remedial massage and feel the difference in yourself.

22 Feb 2012